QUINT-ESSENTIAL would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated to our Kickstarter Project, without your generous donations and kind support we would not have been able to build to incredible set we managed to create for The Evacuee. 

The set made a huge impact on the show with many critics commenting on how effective it was, it provided the perfect atmosphere for our creepy WW2 ghost story. 

So here it is a HUGE, GREAT, BIG THANK YOU to...

Evelyn Evans Janthea & Steve Brigden Gary & Elaine Shaw Gary & Christine Breeds Graham Williams 
Karen Godfrey Jamie Skates Nick Williams  Deborah Breeds  Leila Arias 
Ian Law Tom Jolly Marc Williams  Emma Shaw  Paul Stevens 
Jenny-May Edwards  Craig Turnbull  Steve Gillet  Sarah Webb  Jake Forward 
Lewis Parker  Kaat d'Hooge  Giovanni Smets  Stewart Pringle  Tim Gale 
Maleekha Khan James Wallace Matthew Lee Knowles Julia Roberts James Van Riel
Vicky Smith Vicky Eugenio Tom Robinson Florin Opritescu Massimo Marinoni